Diconfetti is a platform with a new digital tool that let users conduct regular normal communication and multi-media content sharing as well as complex application-based activities in an easily accessible user-friendly social media type environment.


Hyper-entities & flexible digital cards – A new digital tool to Simplify the user interface and consolidate content.

Hyper-entities are like blank pages where you can combine social media contents directly with transactional applications such as ticketing, shopping, logistics, financial and inventory as well as other tools, Utilities and Devices.


It can be used for Communication collaboration and services delivery, Social Media Content and Entertainment, Formatted content Storage and presentation, Transactional data.


Component Apps – Reduce the complexity of accessing and using Applications.

Component Apps are simplified Application Components that are used to populate the pages of the hyper-entities – Photo, Video, Audio, Events etc. They are independent Apps in their own right.


Workspaces – For individuals and group interactions and services delivery.

Share, collaborate and distribute contents using hyper-entities to distribute and access applications, digital tools, virtual devices, utilities, and other functionalities.


Flexibility to accommodate additional tech – Practical Web3, Blockchain, NFT & IoT implementations for the everyday user.

The flexible file system of the Hyper-entities & flexible digital cards makes its straightforward for IoT and Web3 Blockchain and NFT technology to be integrated. The platform will give all users the facilities to showcase usable, practical, and accessible Web3 front-end contents


Extending the reach with Integrated Apps – Practical Tools, Appliances, Devices & Utilities

Creating a marketplace where users can access and mix-and-match virtual appliances, tools, devices, utilities and microservices. 


Hubs & the Social space – are spaces where users display and promote their resources.

There are extensive social media features in form of the Workspaces, Hubs and Profile pages to keep individual users engaged and interact with other users and their contents. Targeted social media interaction around the services provided on the platform as well as specialist professional ideas, and concepts, including the facilities for users to create rich contents with extensive multi-media design.


The Hubs are the location where users can make their facilities and services available to the public in the form of promotions, broadcasting, listings, classifieds, publicity, advertising, and trade.

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